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What story do you want your product or service to tell? Moving Schools Forward can help you write your companies narrative. Joining our team will paint a colorful picture of community involvement and show an interest in equal advancement of education for all students nationwide.

We are asking that you give and promote your products and services with an initial six-month commitment.

  • Your company will benefit from having free advertising with a non-compete clause that will postpone all leading brand competitors from promoting on the website until your six months are completed.
  • Not to mention that your company will be a part of a catalog that will be provided to participating schools and businesses to pass on to their existing and future supporters and shoppers. This catalog will also be available on the website for all to view.
  • Our website will contain a promotional section in which consumers can bid on goods and services from companies wanting to promote their brands.
  • All funds received through the Promotional Section will be allocated in its entirety to all participating schools, 100% of the sales that our website receives goes to schools.

When you sign up with Moving Schools Forward, you are making a difference in the lives of our students.

Your company will not be charged any fees unless you request further services, such as more advertising or an extension of your non-compete.

Your brands will help partake in our mission, that education is far too important to leave to chance. It’s time to come together and fill the financial gap, and it’s time to make sure our schools look beautiful, our teachers have everything they need, and our children receive the same education nationwide.

We need to guide the educational system through a revitalization: strengthen the curriculum through technology advancement while onboarding and maintaining qualified educators.

It’s time to support our communities and help build them up little by little, starting with local schools by Moving Schools Forward.

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Kelly Jackson


Highest degree:

Kelly is currently studying for her BA in Psychology


She has 8 years of experience in Business and Application Development, Business consulting, and Marketing.


Linda Hayslett

Highest Degree:

Linda has Business Certifications from Sierra Sawyer College of Business.


She has 36 years of experience in supervisory administration including in the educational field.


Vel Wiley

Highest Degree:

Vel has a Masters Degree in accounting & finance from American Intercontinental.


She has 14 years of teaching experience from various accredited colleges. She owns and operates her own accounting business for 32 years now and was a previously served as a director on the board of a non-profit.


Denise Lipscomb

Highest Degree:

Denise has an Associate Degree in Social Science from American River College.


She has 16 years of experience as a safe house manger at sexual assault and domestic violence agencies. She has extended experience in writing and submitting grant proposals, along with donation procurement for the safe houses, 4 years of volunteer experience in at risk communities and being a teen educator. Lastly, she currently owns and operates a recently established spiritual healing business.

Educational Consultant

Jacquelyn Troup

Highest Degree:

Jaquelyn has a Doctorate in Education and Sociology


She has 45 years of teaching experience almost all grade levels. For the last, 15 years she has been teaching at various accredited colleges and universities both online and in class. She is now retired and is now consulting for various educational programs.