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We want to encourage people to be part of our cause, and we believe that your business can benefit from Moving Schools Forward.

The profit margins for all businesses will increase from 10% to 30%, depending on what platforms they sell on.

Businesses selling products can use drop shipping, which saves them the cost of storage fees, unlike other platforms. Moving schools forward will not profit 50% from each product or service sold. Not to mention that your business would receive free advertising from our website.

For a low annual membership of $60, you can make a difference. Each purchase a consumer makes will automatically donate 20% to the schools who are also participating. The donation percentage will not exceed 20% but can be less than if the consumer is purchasing products or services from other vendors as well.

Each business will also receive a contribution statement at the beginning of each tax season, which will contribute to the write-offs they can claim.

Each school will have its profile in which anyone can donate directly to their school without having to purchase anything.

The school you select will receive 100% of funds from purchases made through the promotional section and 20% of funds from the retail segment for a low annual membership.

This Website does not advertise, sell, or devote any extra time to other causes. All fund goes directly to the school it was selected within two business days.

Every participating school will earn funds every single day rather than waiting when you use any other platform until the end of your campaign.

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Membership will be charged at $60 annually.