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Moving Schools Forward

Moving Schools Forward is a company committed to aiding and advancing equal education through community involvement. We are connecting with businesses, schools, and corporations to provide a platform for year-round fundraising. Our mission is to allocate the earned funds to all participating schools daily.

How It Works

Our Environment

All students have the potential to become whatever they set their minds to doing. Still, unfortunately, various schools do not have the resources to pay for computers, books, tablets, or the right program to keep their scholar’s education current and expand upon their talents. We want to connect schools to people who want to help them further and improve the educational experience for all students.

Here at Moving Schools Forward, we believe that our students are the future, and because of this, we would like to give them the right resources so they can make a difference.

Moving Schools Forward was founded by Students and their Parents to offer a new way for us to give back to our local schools. We all donate time and sometimes money in supporting our schools. Our online shopping platform allows us to shop for goods or services specific to our needs while allocating a portion of our purchase payment to the school of our choice.

This Website does not advertise, sell, or devote any extra time to other causes. All fund goes directly to the school it was selected within two business days. Every participating school will earn funds every single day rather than waiting when you use any other platform until the end of your campaign.



How it works

In Four Easy Steps:

  1. Logon to
  2. Create a consumer, Business, or School account, purchase any products or services you would like.
  3. When you get to the checkout, select the school of your choice or enter the school code (if you know it) in the promotional box.
  4. Pay with the method of your choice – the donation happens automatically!

If you would like all schools to benefit from your purchase, do not select a school or enter a school code, and the system will allocate your donations equally to all participating schools.

The products and services are marked as the most commonly purchased, so the schools benefit from family volume buying.

There are unique promotional goods and services available for auction, such as a free month of service from your cellphone provider. See the entire catalog on our website.

Your order will be shipped to any address of your choice, 100% of funds from purchases made through the promotional section.

The services can be redeemed at your leisure and 20% of funds from the retail segment.

Thank you for your support and dedication to our schools!